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Think globally, act locally…&…worldwide !

A growing network, established worldwide

In 1973, CDI Global was founded as a free network dedicated to serving the middle market. Our experience coupled with the strength of our professionals, and the CDI Global industrial know-how have beenwidely recognized. This enables us to consistently deliver top-level results to our clients.

A new kind of merchant bank

We provide advice on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), divestitures and joint ventures, buy-side and sell-side representation, and due diligence advisory services. We also advise on privatization, restructuring, target analysis, valuation, and deal structuring services. In addition to serving middle market companies directly, we guide large companies on middle market transactions. And our worldwide network that has been working together for a long time, became similar to international merchant banks.

Talk and work only with a partner !

All CDI Global Partners are former industry or professional senior executives, who have long business management experience and understanding of business fundamentals. At CDI Global, we bring to bear the knowledge, experience, and relationships of local business customs, and language skills of our members.

We provide high quality corporate advice with an emphasis on executing cross-border transactions where strategic fit, industry dynamics and establishing a competitive advantage are prime.

Here at CDI Global we have delivered over 1,500 transactions covering multiple industry sectors.

CDI Global :

  • Europe, 16 offices in 9 countries
  • Asia – Australia, 6 offices in 4
  • Latin America, 3 offices + partners countries
  • USA, 6 offices

Contact :

Paris CDI Contacts
Tél. +337 82 23 32 65
Chimie, Pharma, Pétrole, IRAN

Patrice Noailles
Institutionnels, Innovation

Thierry Gibert

Robert Bozza

Lionel Canis

Aline Pajolec

Denis Carrara

Philippe Gausset

Christian Grassiot

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